Ultima Dragons  -==(UDIC)==-  Internet Chapter
Dragon's Internet Stuff

There is a lot of good stuff available on the Internet about the Dragons.


* Frequently Asked Questions (Short Version, Long Version).

* A History of the Ultima Dragons.


* The Dragons have an FTP site in /pub/ud on ftp.udic.org.

* Usenet Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons. Also, please read the rec.games.computer.ultima-dragons FAQ.

* A lot of Dragons hang out on the Weyrmount MOO, part of the SenseMedia Network. Also see the Weyrmount FAQ.

* #udic Undernet IRC Channel.

* Dragon Press: Ultima & Dragons' Fan Fiction.

[Ring] The Ring of Dragons


* Dragons' Web home pages, courtesy of Minstrel and Geo (Link: Europe, US)

* Rainbow Dragon's UDIC photo gallery.

* The current member roster and the grand roster of all who have been members of the Dragons.

* Members Only Login


* Age of the Dragon, CRPG in production by UDIC members

* The Dragon Liberation Front. (DLF, versus the PVLBs)

* The Protectors of Virtue and Lord British (PVLB, versus the DLF and the EAs.)

* The Dragons Front of Britannia (DFB, versus no one in particular).

* A history of Dragons in Britannia.

Major Ultima Archives

* Origin's Ultima Archive (and FTP site)

* World of Ultima (Ultima Clues, very graphical)

* Micro Dragon's Site (Ultima Theme, Manuals, etc)

* Worlds of Origin (About all Origin games including Ultima)

* Ultima Resource Page (Miscellaneous Ultima Stuff)

* Mysterious Sosaria (Bard's Library, Weapons List)

* Usenet Newsgroups: rec.games.computer.ultima.online and rec.games.computer.ultima.series.

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